Priego and Cuenca Spain

We went to both Priego and Cuenca for 2 nights and 3 days.  Sara’s mother was born in Priego and raised in Cuenca.  We visited friends and relatives in both cities.  Sara met a cousin she has not seen about 4 years; Manolo.  And other cousins, Pepe and his wife Carmen she has not seen in nearly 30 years!  It was a special trip for both of us.  Sara visiting with family and me meeting more family, realizing how truly bad my Spanish is…so I reverted to something I know…taking pictures.

Several things that were very interesting to me.

First, to the best of my memory, I’ve never seen fields of sunflowers.  And man did we see fields, a breath taking sight!

Second, I have never seen a Shepard tending his herd of sheep.  (From the expression on his face, I can guarantee he has never seen a Yank running through the field either!)  Man what a cool sight, I was able to get several good pictures, did I feel I like we slipped back 100 years! 

Third, just the reverse of a Shepard tending his herd, the extent of renewable energy in Spain.  I’ve been to Spain several times, this trip the magnitude really hit home.  Solar farms are a very common sight in many smaller communities.  From what we understand they are looking for profit centers and are using land not suitable for farming for solar farms.  On all my trips I’ve seen the wind farms.  However, this trip, I’ve noticed solar farms being added to the same land as the wind farms.  It makes sense, the power grid is already build… Just an interesting side note: when we returned home, the power bill was waiting, and it stated 20% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources!  Can wait to see the Solar Towers!

You know it’s a small town when…you’re talking on your cell phone minding your own business and a stranger listens in and then interrupts to say “I know your mother Angeles and her sisters Paula and Pili, we have been friends for 70 years!  There’s nothing topping that…

Need to stop for the night, heading for diving tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve included a few pictures to wet your appetite, please check out the rest on Flickr.


~ by Arthur Koch on August 14, 2009.

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