Cabo de Palos and La Manga, Spain

While we were in Cabo de Palos we rented a hotel room on the La Manga and met up with two of Sara’s friends; Pili and Maria Jose.

Pili and Maria Jose work together in Murcia, about 1 hour away and Maria Jose is local to Cabo de Palos.  She took us to several of her personal favorite locations for food and beaches.

The first was a Chiringuito( is any restaurant or bar on the beach), El Baron, that was literally 30 feet from the sea. We had the normal lunch; sangria, salad with tuna, fried small octopus, grilled shrimp, platter of different fried fish and seafood and desert!  What a meal!

 We then went to a beach that mostly locals know about, called Cal Blanque, this place was magical!  The water was crystal clear, awesome waves, beautiful soft brown sugar sand, and a magnificent view if the mountains!

After about three hours of fun Maria Jose took us to another Chiringuito, this time for drinks, man was this place a “Meat Market” if I’ve ever seen one!  We had a few drinks, observed the party, and watched the sunset!  What an end to a truly magical day!  Thanks Maria Jose and Pili!!!!

On Monday after diving we went to another restaurant El Katy in Cabo de Palos’ port.  Again, another truly awesome meal!!!

We headed back to Playa de San Juan after we could not handle any more fun!!

Here are a few pictures, check the Flickr link for more…


~ by Arthur Koch on August 21, 2009.

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