Diving Key Largo, Florida

Over the Labor Day weekend, Sunday and Monday, we  completed 4 dives with Quiescence Diving Services in Key Largo, Florida, USA.  We had a couple milestone during the weekend.  My wife was able to get her gills wet, hone skills, and has now completed 15 dives!  And I logged my 700th dive!

We were at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, mile marker 102.5, Overseas Highway, Key Largo, Florida.  The park was founded in 1963 as the first undersea park in the USA.  I first started coming there in 1995 , returning every 1-2 years and have witnessed the increase in fish population.  It is my belief the park has been a huge success and developed into a spectacular area of biodiversity and sustainability.  http://www.pennekamppark.com/

Sunday, September 6, 2009

  1. Molasses Reef; 51 minutes with about 40 feet visibility, 34 feet max depth, 86 degree F, nitrox 21%.
  2. French Reef; 56 minutes with 30-40 feet visibility, 33 feet max depth, 86 degree F, nitrox 21%

Monday, September 7, 2009

  1. Horse Shoe Reef; 60 minutes with 30 feet visibility, 26 feet max depth, 86 degree F, nitrox 21%
  2. North Dry Rocks; 53 minutes with 30 feet visibility, 20 feet max depth, 79 degree F, nitrox 21%. 
  • Critters spotted; Scorpion Fish, several large Moray Eels, three turtles, spotted eagle ray, lots of lobsters and scrawled cowfish.  
  • The water temperature way just hot, 86 degrees. 
  • Gear; 3M full wet suit, gloves, booties, 10 lbs weight.

Evaluating Quiescence Diving Services;  http://www.keylargodiving.com/

I’ve been using Quiescence since the 1996 and have always found them professional, organized and safety focused.  An additional plus is they only use 6 passenger boats!  I met several members of the team, all are from the US and did an excellent job of making sure their clients needs were satisfied.


  1. They had a DAN Oxygen kit and counted divers-Excellent
  2. Boats well maintained-Excellent
  3. Shop well organized-Excellent

Making Diving Fun

  1. They checked with divers in an effort to not repeat dive sites and did nice briefing – Excellent
  2. Allowed divers 60 minute dives – Excellent


  1. If you dive both the morning and afternoon, it’s difficult to get lunch.


  1. Excellent, safe, and fun!


Next trip the Solomon Island!


~ by Arthur Koch on September 10, 2009.

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