Rx Diving Mask

As everyone is aware I’ve been diving since 1995.  During this time I’ve been purchasing dive mask that accomodate off the shelf “Pop-in” corrective lens.  Until a few years ago this was a very acceptable solution, when my Rx worsened and started to need progressive lens, the dreaded bi-focal, I was unable to see the camera settings.  Also, the masks which offer off the shelf pop-in corrective lens don’t always have the softest silicone and after a week trip making multiple dives/day my nose would take a beating…

Last week while in Key Largo, I set out to find the solution to my problem: dive mask with super soft silicone and bi-focal lens.  As you might have guessed I found a solution, but packaged a little differently than expected.

Ocean Divers in Key Largo, www.oceandivers.com, set me up with a Scuba Pro Scout mask and introduced me to DiveSight.

DiveSight, www.Dive-Sight.com, specializes in custom prescription lens for dive masks.  I talked to Greg, sent him my mask, Rx and in 4 working day’s;  just in time for our trip to the Solomon Islands, I have my new mask with my bi-focal Rx bonded to the original lens!  (I did pay extra for expedited service: $19.50 for 5-day expedite and $30.00 for next day air.)

I tested my mask today; super soft silicone and now I can see my camera settings- SUCCESS!!!

Check them out: Dive Sight Inc, www.Dive-Sight.com, 1-800-445-Dive (3483)


~ by Arthur Koch on September 15, 2009.

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