Support Responsible Fish Farming-Aquaculture

Right now, we have the chance to pass strong national fish-farming standards that protect our vast and valuable ocean and the wildlife and people that depend on it.

Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, now accounts for more than 50 percent of the world’s seafood consumption. And when done right — with detailed and consistent federal regulations in place to address the potential economic and environmental impacts — it can be an effective way to meet our growing demand for seafood.

But without a plan in place, all coastlines, from New England to the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific coast, are threatened by the potential harmful impacts of a poorly regulated industry. Current laws do not properly address the real and scientifically documented risks associated with fish farming, including:

  • Nutrient and chemical pollution caused by excessive amounts of fish excrement, antibiotics and other chemicals that flow out of pens and can affect wild fish as well as the broader marine ecosystem
  • Transmission of diseases to local fish and reduction of the health of wild populations caused when farmed fish accidentally escape from farming nets and compete with wild fish for food and habitat
  • Entanglement of natural predators like seals, sea lions, sharks, birds and other marine wildlife in fish pens

The National Sustainable Offshore Aquaculture Act is an important step toward an environmentally responsible fish-farming plan that protects the fisheries, marine wildlife, and ocean ecosystems on which we all depend.


~ by Arthur Koch on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Support Responsible Fish Farming-Aquaculture”

  1. As everybody eat more fish as part of their daily diet, aquaculture seem to be the solution to deplenish oceans, unfortunatelly is not so, at least right now, hopefully in the future with better regulations and controls that may change.

  2. I truly loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work. Regards, Duyq.

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