Conservation-Saving The Azul Ocean

Ocean Conservancy; ***Taken from their web site***

Who they are

They believe it’s time to look beneath the surface to see where the health of our planet really begins.  It’s time to recognize the source that sustains us day to day with the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe…to discover that all living things are connected to the ocean. It’s time to understand that going green starts with living blue. It’s time to start a sea change. Won’t you join us?

Their Mission

Providing food, fresh water and oxygen to the world, the ocean is essential to all life on Earth, but it is in serious trouble from overuse and pollution. Ocean Conservancy believes it’s time to change our national policies to protect entire ecosystems as the surest way to solve the most critical ocean conservation challenges we face. The ocean belongs to everyone and everyone is needed to protect it. To get there, we must collaborate across political lines and with new partners from all walks of life.

It’s not too late to fix things; a sea change can return the ocean to health.

Shark Savers; ***Taken from their web site***

About Them

Shark Savers is a grassroots membership organization dedicated to shark conservation. Shark Savers creates educational awareness programs about sharks, their critical importance to a healthy ocean environment, and the severe decimation of shark populations occurring throughout the world, primarily to fill demand for shark fin soup. The organization also empowers people to take action in their own lives and community to further shark conservation and to stop their consumption of shark products.

Shark Savers is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in New York.

Shark Savers’ Mission

Their mission is to save the sharks.

We focus on education and awareness because most people still think sharks are out to kill them, or don’t know that sharks are being fished towards extinction, or are unaware of the disastrous impact that shark eradication has on the oceans and food supply, or don’t know that mercury in shark fin soup is hazardous.

We empower people to take action by getting involved in our programs and campaigns in order to aggregate and maximize their impact for the cause of protecting sharks.

Shark conservation is an enormous challenge because sharks are being fished out of the water by the millions each month and cannot reproduce fast enough to overcome overfishing. Sharks are already gone in many of the areas where they were once plentiful. The fishing pressure against them continues relentlessly, largely because of the market demand for their fins. We do see recent signs of hope in the results of actions of people and organizations throughout the world, although not enough to lessen the urgency of this mission.

Programs include our campaign to reduce shark fin soup consumption, generating support for conservation efforts throughout the world, and in creating education and awareness programs about sharks. See ‘Programs’.

The History of Shark Savers

Shark Savers was founded in November 2007 by six divers with a long-held passion for the oceans, the quality of the ocean environment, and sharks. Becoming more aware of how sharks are being destroyed on a massive scale, and understanding the important role they play in the oceans, we wanted to become active in saving sharks. Unable to find an organization where we could easily and directly take part in saving sharks, we came together to create Shark Savers. Shark Savers was created to be a membership organization and we hope that you will join us.

All of its founders are still actively involved in Shark Savers and its programs.

The End of the Line – Imagine a world without fist;


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