What’s on your Buoyancy Control Device

Have you  ever asked what’s in or on your Buoyancy Control Device or BCD.

Let’s start with the basics.  You ever hear water sloshing around in the BCD bladder?  The answer should be yes…it’s a good practice to remove any water before every dive, it does impact the lifting capacity of your BC.  But, this is not what I wanted to discuss.

I’ve outlined several safety items that I keep on my BC.

  • CD that acts as a mirror; I use old promotional CD and keep it in my vest pocket.  The reflective material in the CD trends to break down, I change every dive trip.
  • Safety sausage and 20 feet of line; I keep the safety sausage clipped on a D-ring near my waist line.  The 20 feet of line is kept in my BCD pocket and just in case I need to ascend way from the group, hear excessive boat traffic or if I’m blown off a site and the safety stop is a must do.
  • Small Knife; make sure your knife has a line cutter and serrated side.  I keep my knife zip tied to my low pressure inflator hose.
  • Dive alert; excellent audible sound alert.
  • Whistle; in case my air supply runs out.
  • Snorkel; I have the fold up model from Aqua Lung and keep it in my BCD pocket.  Never liked a snorkel around my head, but is a must have.
  • Strobe; I have the Tektite Xenon Strobe 200 tucked away on the back of my BCD, just incase I get lost at sea and night arrives.  It’s compact, with 2 “C” batteries, last 30 hours, and can be seen 3 miles at night. http://bit.ly/4PIx61
  • Computer; I have as a back-up computer the Suunto Mosquito zip tied to an upper D-ring.  I get my primary computer serviced annually.  However, I’ve had 2 battery failures in 15 years and have never had to sit out a day waiting to off gas. When you’re the trip of a life time this is a major issue!
  • Male lanyard fitting;  This is used to connect to a lanyard on my camera.

Once I ready for my dive trip these are maintainance free and never need to think about them before a dive.

This post is focused on safety.  Alway remember, if you plan for a safe dive, the fun will follow!!!


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